Video auditions are accepted for all school programs that require auditions.

Please upload your video audition to any online video hosting site (including YouTube and Vimeo), or send your video to directly from your smart phone! Unlisted or publicly posted videos are preferred if you are uploading to an online hosting site. Video auditions will be accepted until programs are filled. 

Submitting Your Video Audition

Send an email to containing your video audition link (or your video itself), with your name, age, and the program for which you are auditioning clearly stated in the body of the email.  Please attach a completed audition form and student application. A video audition fee of $35 must be paid. Please contact The New Ballet School at or 408-352-5616 to pay the video audition fee and with any questions.

What to Include

If you have created a video audition for any other ballet based program, you may use that video to audition for the Summer Intensive. 

All female dancers over the age of 13 should include some pointe work in their video. If you have a video of a classical variation from a recent performance or competition, that video may also be used as your audition video. If creating a new video, Summer Intensive audition videos should include adagio, petit allegro, pirouettes and grand allegro. Female students interested in the Studio Company should wear pointe shoes for the full video, and/or include a full classical variation on pointe. Male students interested in the Studio Company should include partnering if possible. 

If creating a new video, female students under the age of 14 who are on pointe should include relevés at the barre on pointe. All female students over the age of 14 should include some pointe work in their video, and if creating a new video should include a pointe combination in the center, showing relevé and échappé, and a pointe combination including picqué turns and/or pirouettes. You may include a classical variation if you wish. Your video should not exceed 10 minutes in length. 


If you have a group you think would be interested in auditioning, we are happy to accept group audition videos filmed in a classroom setting. Students should wear numbers, and each will need to turn in a separate audition form and payment. Contact us for more information!