The New Ballet Studio Company + School views each dancer as a developing individual first. It is the role of our instructors to foster the healthy development of each of our dancers, supporting each one as they grow within the art and in their lives.  

We support the INDIVIDUAL in every dancer.

as dancers

• pursue excellence in the art of ballet

• train with experts in a body-positive environment

• embrace diversity

• unwavering commitment to team values

• inclusive of age, race, gender, orientation, and body type

• ballet career and college application guidance

as individuals

• set and reach goals

• develop discipline

• understand grit

• focus on process

• thrive in a creative environment

• be empowered by conquering challenges

• build strong team relationships

• dance/academics/life balance counseling

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We accomplish this by:

• working only with instructors prepared to provide premier ballet training in a positive environment inclusive of everyone devoted to pursuing excellence in the art

• interfacing with each dancer as an individual

• understanding the culture of professional ballet, from the inside out

• holding confidence building workshops

• maintaining a wellness advisory board

• providing access to counseling services and professional development tailored to individual career paths

Wellness, Dancer Health, and Child Development

The faculty and staff of New Ballet School (NBS) is committed to providing a positive training experience for each student, keeping in mind each dancer's individual development as well as their physical, mental and emotional health. The full NBS Ballet Faculty is certified in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum, which, through collaboration with ABT’s Medical Advisory Board, provides comprehensive state-of-the art health and medical guidelines for ballet instruction.

In partnership with members of the Silicon Valley medical community NBS provides an increasingly comprehensive Wellness Program, with a focus on promoting positive body image and dancer empowerment.  Renowned local specialists will provide lectures, workshops, and resources to students and families, allowing students thrive in an environment that supports the whole dancer.

Wellness Program Coordinator & Performance Enhancement Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth K. Hutter, Psy.D
Physical Health Advisor: 
Katie Bell, NP
Male Dancer Strength Training Program Advisor: 
Jordan Vezina
Studio Company Strength and Conditioning Advisor: Camille Wheeler